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An ear syringe can be an effective way to remove earwax, particularly impacted earwax, from the ear canal. The basic concept of using an ear syringe for wax is to flush earwax out of the ear with fluid, rather than through scraping. Doctors will sometimes use a specialized ear syringe for wax removal during office visits and check-ups, but many syringes are also available for home use. Home use syringes range from basic rubber bulb syringes to complete earwax removal systems involving the injection of saline or other solutions. Use of any syringing method is relatively simple. It usually involves little more than heating water or other ear solution to body temperature, then pumping that water slowly into the ear to wash away wax.

GPC Medical is a renowned name in the healthcare industry for manufacturing & exporting superior quality rubber ear syringes. These soft rubber ear syringes are available in different configurations to cater to the demands of our esteemed clients. These rubbers ear syringes used for wax removal from ear.

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