Locking Head Screws, Low Profile Locking Screws, Self Tapping Locking Screws, Dynamic Locking Screws Manufacturer

Locking Screws are the ones with external threads cut onto the head which provides mechanical couple to an internal thread in the screw hole of a plate, thus creating a fixed angle device. Manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. Our offered locking head screws are widely appreciated by our prestigious clients its precise design and durability.
The DLS (Dynamic Locking Screw) is a new generation of locking screws that allows the surgeon to control the rigidity of plating constructs. This expands clinical options in cases where bridging is the chosen method of fracture treatment.
GPC Medical is one of the leading indian companies specializing in orthopedic products and instruments. Our wide range of orthopedic product covering hip, knee and shoulder implants, external fixation, spinal and trauma implants, hip spacers, knee spacers, maxillofacial implants and instrumentation for all the above areas.
We are offering Locking Head Screw such as 5.0mm Locking Head Screw, 3.5mm Locking Head Screw, 5.0mm Cancellous Locking Head Screw, 3.5mm Cancellous Locking Head Screw and 2.7mm Locking Head Screw Self Tapping from India.

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GPC Medical Limited-most probably the fastest growing Indian company, manufacturing and exporting hospital/medical/scientific/laboratory equipment, devices and instruments
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